Aliens at sea

Aliens at seaStrange creatures populate the oceans. This is particularly true around Antarctica where new species are regularly discovered. At Livingston Island, we had the chance to see one of them, a salp, swimming around the Hespérides. These primitive vertebrates stick to each other to form a long, gelatinous chain resembling a thin, transparent marine snake. They filter seawater – just as the “Cold water team” does! – to feed on phytoplankton and bacteria, thus competing with other species, such as jellyfish, krill, and fish, that do the same. Their abundance seems to increase with global warming, for reasons still unclear. A species with plenty of secrets!


The cold water team (Johan, Meghan & Dimitris)*
(*) Autores: Integrantes del laboratorio de filtrado de agua, Dimitris Evangelinos, Meghan Duffy y Johan Etourneau.


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