“Tiny Plankton Tell a Story”


Chaetoceros criophilum 4 C
Chaetoceros criophilum

The “cold water team” has been filtering 10s of liters of water each day, gathering samples of microalgae that live in the ocean. Microalgae, such as diatoms, are important to study over time because they are the main primary producers in the Southern Ocean, thus providing food to marine ecosystems, including krill, whales, etc. Diatoms are also important in carbon cycling as they pump CO2 from the atmosphere into the ocean and hence play a key role in climate changes. As they are particularly threatened by global warming, we urgently need to study diatoms in vulnerable environment such as in the Antarctic.

Corethron pennatum 2 F
Corethron pennatum
The cold water team (Johan, Meghan & Dimitris)*
(*) Autores: Integrantes del laboratorio de filtrado de agua, Dimitris Evangelinos, Meghan Duffy y Johan Etourneau.




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